Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baking Cookies with Friends

We went to my friend's house to bake cookies and make gingerbread houses on Saturday.
This is my sister, The Chipmunk, eating cookie dough. My sister put too much sprinkles on her cookies!
My sister and I are making our gingerbread house. My sister ate a lot of the candy!
This is I baking cookies at my friend's house. My favorite part of making cookies was eating some of the dough.
After the we decorated the cookies, we went into my friend's room, we painted our nails. My two friends painted my nails. They did a pretty good job.
It was a really great day!
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My Piano Recital

For my piano recital, I played a song called "Echo Game." And all the kids in my class played an ensemble called "Mozart's Sleigh Ride."
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My name is Nutmeg and I like swimming, reading, doing ballet, playing with my friends, and playing in the garden. I have two dogs, one cat, two gerbils, and one fish. I like playing with my sister, The Chipmunk. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. I love my pets. I like to listen to stories on my iPod. And I write stories. My favorite stories are A Little Princess, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Samantha- An American Girl, and Felicity - An American Girl. I am looking forward to my birthday; I am going to turn 8!